Thoughts On Art

Purpose Of Art

In order to present my artwork properly, I need to express my views on purpose of painting and art.

Each painting can serve its purpose on three levels:

The first, basic level is for painting to complement interior of your room. It needs to look good on the wall, to match with the rest of the furniture, to enhance the joy of being in the room.

The second, deeper level of purpose is for painting to impress your friends and guests. They would walk into the room and instantly notice the painting. And if they like it, they would compliment your taste and sophistication, they would say that painting matches your identity.

The third, deepest and most challenging level of purpose is for painting to impress you, the owner. For there will be a moment when you will be alone in the room, drinking a glass ow wine, thinking about life. About whether life is good or bad, whether the glass of wine is half full or half empty. And just as it takes a single drop of wine to make the glass more full than empty, it takes a single positive thought to make you believe life is more good than bad. In that moment, if you raise your eyes from the glass and onto the painting, and you get that one single positive thought, then the painting has served its purpose.