Each of my paintings takes a lot of dedication and love. They are a reflection of my perceptions about the world and who we are. I like to make all figures in paintings life size – which makes each painting rather big. However, I dedicate most of the time and effort into developing story behind the painting.

I offer limited editions of reproductions for most of my paintings. Usually they are smaller in size than originals – so they can fit into smaller spaces, both commercial and residental.

These reproductions are of highest quality, printed in Las Vegas, US. They can keep their color richness for about 60 years. But with additional UV coating that we put, this is prolonged to 150 years without starting to fade in the sun.

Please contact me on my email – contact@igorstefanovic.com for more information. If you like my work, it means we are like-minded and probably share same values in life. Therefore I would love to get in touch with you and exchange experiences.

Escape Triptych,107x76cm (30”x42”) each of three pieces

50% of original size

They are meant to be exhibited together, next to each other. In this size, it takes about 2.5m (98”) in width

100 copies limited edition

Escape Triptych, 192x137cm (54″x76″) each of three pieces

90% of original size

I made a few copies this size for exhibitions, so I am still determining number of copies in this edition, it will depend on the market. Most likely around 20 copies

The Debate Of Seven Brothers, 200x100cm (79”x39”)

50% of original size

100 copies limited edition (available for pre-order)

Note: Photo is of original painting in progress