Character TD demo reel 2007

December 2008
First professional reel for position of Character TD
Belgrade, Serbia
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This is my first demo reel specifically oriented towards position of Character Technical Director. I finished it by the end of 2006 and it has landed me a position in Framestore, London, early in 2007.

The reel is result of several years of development of facial and body deformation systems based on muscles, as well as various personal projects and still images driven by my passion for digital characters.

The main part of the reel is realistic human body deformation system, tested on a workout animation. After this body deformation system, facial deformation system based on muscles is demonstrated on a cartoony old man character. After these two major parts of reel, several shorter sequences and renders related to characters are shown, including some real life drawings. Reel ends with turntables of human model used for deformation system, including final skin and underlying realistic bone structure; and a short technical demonstration of interfaces developed for this deformation system in Maya.

High resolution version of the reel can be downloaded here:

768x576 DivX (72.6 MB)

768x576 QuickTime (64 MB)

Credit list for demo reel, explaining each scene in more detail, can be downloaded here:

Credit List Pdf (30 KB)

Link towards reel’s thread on CGSociety is here:

Igor Stefanovic Character TD Demoreel